PVC-U Doors

doorThe PVC- U doors supplied by Polbest are manufactured with the most demanding customer in mind. All our doors comply with the strictist standards of safety and aesthetics and will live up to all and any challenges.

Our core PVC-U door product is the Aluplast’s Ideal 4000 residential door, it has been designed and engineered to the highest standards and combines elegant good looks with outstanding security and weather performance.

The Ideal 70 door can be made in either inward or outward opening variants and in an almost limitless range of designs and styles. Single or double leaf opening options are available and the ideal 70 door performs magnificently in front or back door situations and also excels in porch and conservatory applications.

A multi – point locking system , which can incorporate deadbolts and / or hookbolts forms a formidable defence against potential intruders.

Solid metal backbolts and security hinges can protect the hinge side while internal beading prevents removal of the glass from the outside. Galvanised steel reinforcement and fusion welded corners provide a door of great strength that provides complete peace of mind.
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drzwi zewnętrznePolbest in association with Drewexim brings you our new range of luxurious Wooden doors.

All our wooden doors can be customised to each customer’s requirements.

We can provide a huge range of doors from entry doors to hand-crafted oak doors.

Depending on the customers needs the doors maybe glazed, louvred or with a panel in any shape and design.


Grooved panels of various dimensions and shapes are possible. Arched, triangular frames and sashes or even irregular shapes are possible.

We can provide hinges made of stainless steel or brass with decorative cups to match the required style of the building.

Various shapes and materials of the push/pull bars, knobs, lever handles including combination of metal and leather. Customisation of the thresholds and their colours is also available.

Modern and traditional espagnolettes either concealed or exposed are available as well as multi or single point locking systems.