Hardware and glass

All of our windows are supplied with Winkhaus Auto Pilot tilt and turn gearing that enables smooth opening of the window.

Thanks to their universal and fail-safe construction, our windows may be provided with the following additional functions:

  • anti-latching blockade to disable the window latch
  • balcony latch
  • window limiter
  • window brake to hold the window in any chosen position
  • blockade of c/w slide guide
  • blockade of handle w/o slide guide
  • anti pry-up catches

All of our doors are equipped with Winkhaus multi-point locks. The main feature of Winkhaus multi-point locking system is anti- burglar protection provided centrally or at the site of installation of the lock with a barrel insert and additionally , in the top and the bottom part of the wing.

STV cobra shootbolt multi-point locking systems and certified barrel inserts supplied by Winkhaus ensure increased security without the need to install any additional safeguards.

All of our windows and doors can be supplied with an extensive range of accessories and components if you have any specific requirements please let us know.


tripple glazed
At Polbest all the glass used in our windows in Pilkington Glass. We have numerous options to fulfil any requirement from single glazed to bulletproof.

A wide selection of patterns and styles are also available.